Additional Services


Asher Automotive also provides a large variety of other services. The most popular of these services is outlined below.

  • A/C Repair
    • A vehicle without AC can be a sweaty and uncomfortable ride. An AC working up to proper expectations keeps you and other people in the vehicle feeling comfortable and cool for the entire duration of the distance to your destination. Asher Auto Technicians can evaluate inside climate control issues and are exceptionally trained in A/C maintenance and recharging Freon.
  • Belts & Hoses
    • When it comes to your car, properly maintained timing, serpentine belts, and hoses can make the difference in keeping you on the road longer. With our help we can examine many components of your vehicle from the front to the back, timing belts that malfunction can cause extreme damage to your motor. So why not prevent the coming disaster that deteriorating belts and hoses can bring and come in for a checkup or repair?
  • Batteries
    • Avoid expensive repairs and charges to a towing company and keep your car battery working at peak performance. At Asher Automotive, we can check your batteries health and performance, connections, and also cover other battery related issues pertaining to your vehicle. Car doesn’t start? Have any of the issues below relating to your battery? Give us a call!
    • When to replace your battery.
    • Battery Testing
    • Sell them and replace them.
  • Oil Change
    • A car running with an everlasting fresh supply of oil is a happy car. Good oil in your vehicle prevents corrosion in the engine, lets the parts work in the condition that the factory suggests, and even gives you better gas mileage. Bringing your vehicle to us for this service can guarantee that you will receive the best oil for your car at an acceptable price, as well as tips and estimates on how often you should be changing your oil.
  • Tune-Ups
    • Normal motor tune-ups bring power and efficiency back to your automobile. At Asher Automotive, we outwardly review the majority of your motor components and put in new parts (counting spark plugs and fuel filters) as required.
    • After an Asher Auto tune-up, you'll find your motor starts with ease, runs smoother and is more efficient on the road. A general motor tune-up will lower emissions, enhance gas mileage and restore lost engine power.
  • Computer Scans and other diagnostic tests
    • Check engine light flashing? Car running on a sporadic manner but you don’t know why? We can run a full diagnostics check that can tell you exactly why the check engine light is on, or use various other methods in getting down to what is wrong with your vehicle.
  • Removal and installation of Motors and Transmissions (new, used, and rebuilt)

Call us today and get your car "rolling straight and stopping right"!